The di-GPS (digital images GPS) - a special design for DSLR (Digital Single-lens reflex) camera. It provides real time position (latitude, longitude, elevation) and the precise time (UTM time) information to your DSLR camera and records the locations to each digital image files so that you would never forget the exact location where you take the pictures.

All GPS information are embedded directly into digital images(metadata), so it cannot be lost or separated even if the file is moved to a new system or platform.

The di-GPS is built with a next generation of GPS chip set. Thanks to this state of the art technology, it provides extremely fast TTFF (Time-To-First-Fix), unrivaled high sensitivity and superior performance at virtually any outdoor environments.

The di-GPS can work in a place where GPS was not possible before, in the woods, under very heavy foliage, canyon, terrain obstructions, in cities with densely populated high-rise buildings and even inside a train and a car, with no external antenna required. It is designed to meet the rigorous demands of today's digital photographers.

*di-GPS Pro L and di-GPS mini II support Nikon D3, D3X, D300, D700, D2XS, D2X, D2HS & D200, Fujifilm S5 Pro DSLR camera.