The Ly and The Wishtopher Start Life in Holland

We've started a family blog/photo gallery new media mashup experiment extraordinaire!

Hi everyone! Ly and I are so excited to, well, to just plain be alive. We're expecting our first baby, and she's a girl we're told, however Oma Xuan (say: "szune") still insists that the bulge shape must mean that we're having a boy. Normally I would assume the "oh you silly, lovely, but silly backwards person" look of bemusement and disregard this opinion. But after living here only one month I'm respectfully amazed at her capabilities, native intelligence, common sense and modern sensibility. That said, I think my best road is to consider her opinions carefully regardless any disagreement with the near magical technological capabilities of the day.

I'll tell you what I do know, our baby is a biggy... that is, her limbs are considered to be longer than the average Dutch baby at the given (late) stage of prenatal development. How the heck did this happen? OK, I am pretty much 100% genetically Dutch and recently I read that the numbers are in and the Dutch are officially the tallest people in the world. But Ly is Vietnamese, a shorty even for them, and while paternity can easily be in question in many cases it'd be tough to argue that there's a chance that the baby isn't Ly's. I've considered that that our daughter is in fact the result of a tryst between myself and a local, exceptionally tall, Dutch woman, but discarded  it after substantial research into modern fertilization techniques. Confounding, no?

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