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Please dress warmly. Please bring a toque, (eh). For 'Zodiac' passeners consider that you will be exposed to the wind chill of 30 miles per hour, plus whatever other wind is blowing. On the water, the sun's rays are reflected and as a result the UV index is effectively doubled than that on land. Wear sunscreen (I have some for you on the boat), even on a cloudy day!

"ZODIAC" ADVENTURES - At 30 miles per hour the sense of adventure, and wind chill, can be surprising. We address this by providing full-body flotation and suits that are very warm -- but a couple of good layers underneath, in particular on a chilly day, will be put to good use. We also provide warm hats and mittens when the weather calls for it. Closed toed shoes are important and bring along sunglasses (even when it's overcast).

COVERED VESSEL – A couple of warm layers and a windbreaker are a good idea, even on a warm sunny day as the environment out on the water can be cooler and change rapidly. Closed toe shoes, hats and sunscreen, and long pants are recommended.


Zodiac passengers will enjoy their adventure in these Coast Guard approved flotation suits.


Last updated on June 22, 2008 by Christopher Zylstra